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Guspergo loop trail: an easy spring hike in Cividale del Friuli

ragazza con panorama su valli del natisene

I am sure that the Guspergo loop trail near Cividale del Friuli will become one of your favorite spring hike in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The photos you will see in this article were taken in mid-February and do not do real justice to the route which in my opinion is really perfect for spring (but also for autumn).

Read on to find out all the details.

To reach the starting point of the Guspergo loop trail from Udine, follow directions towards Cividale del Friuli. Go beyond the town and reach the hamlet of Sanguarzo.

Immediately after the church, turn into via S. Floreano and continue until you reach the church of the same name.

Where to park

You will find convenient parking behind the cemetery of Sanguarzo. There is also a summary table of the route that awaits you.

Hike recap and GPX

Download file: Anello di Guspergo_thewritersmountainhut.gpx

Guspergo loop trail: the path

The path of the Guspergo loop trail does not present any kind of difficulty as it always unfolds on an asphalted or forest road.

As the trail of the Castles of Attimis, Faedis, and Porzûs, the slopes of Monte dei Bovi are also a maze of paths. The only thing you will have to pay some attention to then is therefore the trail itself.

Although many signs have been placed along the route, they are not always located in the right places, and sometimes you may look around a bit confused.

Try to follow the green and/or blue signs you will find on the ground or in the trees, or simply download the GPX track above and follow that.

Clockwise or counterclockwise?

We made the loop anticlockwise starting from the paved road next to the parking lot.

Obviously, the trail can also be done in the other direction, but in my opinion, the anticlockwise sense is better. In this way, you will have the whole climb at the beginning of the hike and you can then enjoy the rest of the trip. If you decide to go clockwise instead you will have a more gradual but longer climb.

A spring hike

Chiesa di San Floreano a Sanguarzo a Cividale del Friuli

We hiked along the Guspergo loop trail at the end of February but only the absence of leaves on the trees betrayed the last winter’s traces. Temperature, sun, and scents already tell of spring walks.

Near the Church of San Floreano, like the Pollicino crumbs, primroses, and crocuses show us the way along this walk in Sanguarzo.

We walk along the paved road, skirting some houses, and then we enter the bush.

The climb starts off intense. Perhaps, for a moment it will leave you breathless. But as it gets better, I promise you. When, with a right turn, the asphalt gives way to the dirt road, you can begin to breathe a sigh of relief.

At this point, on the right, there should be a short detour towards the Guspergo Castle, but we notice no signposts so we skip it.

Continuing the walk, near sign number 5, the trail makes a sharp bend to the left. The sign is not very clear but on the ground, you will find the continuation of the path.

A little more effort and you will come to a long stretch on a slight slope. The wood is still thick but among the shrubs, it is now possible to have some glimpses of the plain.

Going back to Sanguarzo

The slight slope will accompany you to the highest point of the entire loop trail until you will find yourself in the middle of a crossroads with many trails and … no signs to follow.

Luckily we downloaded the map to our watch, but some elderly gentlemen with papers were not so sure of their steps. I simplify things for you, the Guspergo loop trail continues in the direction you see below.

You will then discover that the fateful sign (number 6) is positioned a little further down but that it is not of much help. At this point, it might help to keep in mind that you have to get down and that the loop is going counterclockwise (so you have to go left).

Here we also find the signs of the Cammino Celeste. On the right, however, Monte Joanaz peeps out to accompany us along the descent.

The Guspergo loop trail proceeds without too many difficulties except near sign nr. 7 where you will have to take the trail on the left instead of the one that goes straight ahead.

A few hundred meters more and you will (finally) come out of the woods to be greeted by an expanse of olive trees and a panoramic view of the Natisone Valleys.

The loop then leads us in the vicinity of Sanguarzo and ends with a final stretch on an asphalted road that will take you back to the Church of San Floreano.

panorama tra gli ulivi

Why you should hike on the Guspergo Loop trail

Because it is a pleasant and not too touristy hike near Cividale del Friuli.

I see it as perfectly complementary to the hike to Mount Joanaz. If on the latter it’s all about panoramas, the Guspergo loop trail is a sort of secret path guarded by the woods.

It seems to be a nice walk to do in all seasons but, a bit like the Pinzano loop trail, it gives its best in spring.

crocus viola

Where to eat in Cividale del Friuli

Did you get hungry after the hike? Here’s where you can go for a bite to eat in Cividale del Friuli.

  • Chiosco al Ponte in Torreano di Cividale. Going down the hill you will be able to glimpse Torreano among the trees. What better occasion to eat Frico at Al Ponte? The kiosk is a renovated farmhouse in appearance but not in super genuine flavors.
  • Al Campanile: I’ve never been there but when it comes to Frico it is one of the places that is always mentioned.

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