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Monte Faeit: The Friulian Sherwood is here

Lavatoio sul monte faeit

The autumn hike on Mount Faeit, of which you see the photos in this article, was decided exactly on May 20, 2020. On that day, while we were going back to the car, we decided to return to this place near Artegna in autumn in search of the perfect foliage and some chestnuts.

Read on to discover all the details of this expedition in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Mount Faeit is a hill in the municipality of Artegna. To reach Artegna from Udine drive north towards Tarvisio along the State Road SS13.

You will find the town on the right announced by the railway station clearly visible from the road. Turn into Via Sottocastello and then turn left into Via Villa.

Shortly after passing the Castello di Artegna, turn right and then left to arrive in via Monte. There you will find convenient parking.

Where to park

Mappa parcheggio Monte Faeit

In our opinion, the most convenient car park is in Via Monte, but know that you will have to walk a few hundred meters along the road before reaching the starting point of the loop trail.

Hike Recap and GPX

Download file: Anello Monte Faeit.gpx

Hiking to Mount Faeit

Tabella Anello Monte Faeit

The hike on Mount Faeit starts among the houses of Borgo Monte in Artegna with a trail that winds between orderly gardens and dry stone walls.

At the Rio Clama, we keep to the right and begin to climb.

If like us you do this hike in autumn, you will immediately understand that you have arrived in the chestnuts paradise whose hedgehogs, in some places, fully cover the path.

I can’t say if the woods on Mount Faeit are private or not and I can’t say if chestnuts can be harvested or not.

If you decide to do so, gather the bare essentials. We are in the woods, not at the supermarket, please. 😉

Although there are no signposts present, finding your way on the trail that leads to the top of Mount Faeit is quite simple.

There are no dangerous or exposed parts and the slope is of medium-low difficulty, therefore also suitable for those who are not very used to walking.

The path crosses a paved road a couple of times on which cyclists meet. At a certain point, on the left, you will find a small hut owned by the parish of Artegna. Here you can stop for a little break and breathe a sigh of relief: the peak is close.

cartello segnaletico sentiero
sentiero nel bosco

Some thoughts while hiking

  • At various points of the climb, under the carpet of chestnuts, you can see an old paved road which, at least in my case, makes my mind fly to past worlds. I imagine medieval fairies and ladies, hunters and knights, and … even the Gnome Martino, the fantastic character who populated my days in kindergarten.
  • If you feel like it, when you cross the paved road, take a few minutes to explore it. I was able to walk there during an organized walk, and the way in which the forest intertwines above it is even more spectacular than the forest.

The peak of Mount Faeit

Panorama Monte Faeit

After the parish house, the trail continues uphill for a few more meters and reaches the “summit” of Mount Faeit. Here there is a viewpoint from which to admire the plain and a picnic table.

I must admit that the view is a bit spoiled by the proliferation of warehouses and factories that surround the area of Artegna, Osoppo, and Gemona.

Let’s say that if the expectation of pleasure is pleasure itself, the part you will love most about the trip to Mount Faeit is the trail, that’s why we keep moving.

The downbound trail and the foliage

Autunno sul Monte Faeit

The stretch of trail immediately following the top of Mount Faeit was the one I expected with the greatest anticipation because it struck my attention during the spring walk.

At the time of our trip, the foliage was only hinted at, but the feeling of walking in a fairy tale remained. If you decide to do this walk in the fall, I recommend that you bring sticks with you. In the woods, you may find mud on the trail.

The woods in spring

Troi de Cascade: the Waterfall's trail

After about 30 minutes of descent, you will arrive at the intersection with the Troi de Cascades, a nature trail that starts from Salt di Artegna and follows the path of the Orvenco stream.

Turning right and following the stream you will arrive at the Tulin waterfall. Also in this section, I advise you to pay attention because the path could be slippery.

cascata nel bosco
The Tulin Waterfall

Closing Mount Faeit loop trail

The loop trail reserves a few more climbs before returning to the Rio Clama.

I advise you to pay close attention to the signs from the crossroads onwards, as it may be difficult to find the correct road.

When the path intersects the forest road at a large crossroads, you will see a wooden bench in front of you, keep left to continue the ring and get back to the car. This will bring you to the most enchanting part of this autumn walk.

The last gem of this hike: Artegna's ancient lavatory

Lavatoio Monte Faeit, Artegna

After having unraveled among trails and paths, you will find a paved road again. The Rio Clama will accompany you back to the start of the loop trail.

Before closing the loop trail you will arrive at the old lavatory of Artegna, fed by the Rio Clama itself.

The recently renovated structure is the last remaining bulwark of the life that once took place on these slopes. Here, too, you will find benches and tables.

Why you should hike on Mount Faeit

Monte Faeit

Because the Mount Faeit loop trail is a pleasant walk for all seasons.

Despite its proximity to the plains, it offers a decent height difference that can be used to keep fit when times are tight or the weather is uncertain.

An autumn hike, therefore, to travel with the imagination by fitting reality and fiction, past and present.

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Do you want to discover more hikes in Friuli Venezia Giulia?

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