Mount Jôf from Cima Corso (Ampezzo)

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Hiking on Monte Jôf: an easy hike in Carnia

ragazza su altalena che guarda le montagne

Although I love Carnia very much, I confess that I have never made many hikes around there. When Blawalk (if you are not yet familiar with this project, visit their website) organized this snowshoe loop trail hike on Monte Jôf in Ampezzo, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. If you are looking for an easy hike on the snow in Carnia, this one is for you.

This time the start of our hike in Carnia has a very specific address: Strada Esterna Corso 9. At this address, you will find the Monte Jôf restaurant.

To reach it from Udine, drive towards Tolmezzo (A23 Carnia-Tolmezzo motorway exit). After passing the town, follow the signs towards Forni di Sopra. Pass the villages of Villa Santina, Enemonzo, and reach Ampezzo.

Drive beyond the town and after a couple of kilometers, you will find the restaurant on your left. There you will also find a large parking lot where you can leave your car.

Hike recap

Where does the hike start?

The snowshoe hike on Monte Jôf starts from the parking lot of the former Cima Corso ski slope. Give your back to the main road and look towards the Monte Jôf restaurant. Then move your gaze to the right and you will find a paved road that climbs into the woods, that’s where the hike starts.

gruppo di persone su sfondo innevato

The ascent to Monte Jôf

From the first meters, it is clear that the difference in height of the snowshoe hike is well concentrated. Going up the road you will reach the locality of Fontana where, near a small group of houses, the asphalted road ends.

For us, it was the right time to wear snowshoes.
Continue further on the forest road that rises steadily with wide bends, after about an hour’s walk you will arrive at a crossroads. Continue to the left and in no time you will arrive at the meadows on the top of Mount Jôf.

salita al monte jof

Monte Jôf: snowshoes and picnics

I’m sure, the view from the top of Monte Jôf will make you fall in love. The undisputed protagonist of the panorama is Mount Tinisa which, together with the Pura group, occupies the entire landscape to the north. Towards the south, there is the Rest Pass and the right-wing of the Tagliamento river.

But it is not only the breathtaking view that will make this place enter your heart. If it is true that we arrived on these meadows with snowshoes, it is not difficult to imagine them covered with grass and flowers, and insects dancing from corolla to corolla. Maybe it was the spring sun that characterized the December day when we took this trip, but it seems to be the perfect place for a summer picnic.

baita nella neve

I particularly appreciated that the former ski lift buildings, now disused, have been converted for picnic purposes.
The concrete structure that served as the arrival point for the cable car now houses picnic tables and a stove for cooking. The hut is a welcoming refuge.

My favorite element, however, is a swing hanging from one of the trees at the edge of the clearing. For a moment I felt like Heidi and I went back to being a child.

griglia all'aperto

The Nasat Belvedere Nasat

If you are not tired of walking yet, you can extend the snowshoe hike for about 30 minutes and arrive at Belvedere Nasat from which you can admire the little town of Ampezzo from above. You will find the signs near the swing.

Return to Cima Corso

Here is what I think is the best part of the snowshoe hike. To return to the starting point you can retrace your steps or … use the ski slope. If there is a lot of snow, fasten your snowshoes and run as fast as you can. You’ll find yourself out of breath after a short while, but the fun and the sense of freedom has no price?
You will arrive at the Monte Jôf restaurant in less than an hour.

Pay attention to the avalanche bulletin

Snowshoeing on Monte Jôf is simple and does not present dangerous sections. However, our guide explained that even such an easy route can hide pitfalls. For any doubts, remember to consult the regional bulletin.

Are you hungry after the hike?

Do you want more tips for your hikes in Friuli Venezia Giulia?

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