Glamping in Malga Priu

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Have you ever slept in a pinecone? in Friuli Venezia Giulia you can

panorama dalla casa sull'albero Malga Priu

I’ll soon write about the endless walks and hikes I do almost every weekend, but today I want to launch my blog with a dream come true.

Pinecones or beehives?

It was 2017 when, while walking in the woods with my dad, I bumped into the “pinecones” of Malga Priu, two adorable pinecone-shaped treehouses. At the time I was single, wounded, and resented romanticism but I remember thinking: How wonderful would it be to sleep there with the person I love?

Glamping in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Three years later, me and Stefano leave home in the late afternoon with a strangely light backpack Expectation lingers between us.
The route we’re following resembles that of many other hikes, but we rarely begin walking with sunset and an almost empty highway. We take the exit in Pontebba and head towards Tarvisio. Our destination is in Ugovizza and with Ed Sheeran as a soundtrack, to Stefano’s happiness, we follow directions toward Malga Priu.

How long does it take to reach Malga Priu?

From the parking lot, we hike for twenty minutes to reach the meadow that hosts the treehouses. We were fast, consider quite

When in Malga Priu

We are welcomed with a tasty aperitivo made of bread and salami, but our attention is all for the pinecone – treehouse that will be ours for the night.
After a tasty, Friulan dinner the show gets even better. Over our heads is the Milky Way and the pinecone is like a lighthouse or a safe harbor in the night. These buildings are always compared to pinecones but from the inside, I feel more like I’m in a nest. I’m the queen bee in its beehive, a caterpillar in its cocoon. The border between the outside and the inside, light and darkness, wilderness and safety, known and unknown is thin but defined.

Glamping in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Stefano and I are used to enjoy isolated nature, but this is the first time that we do it in such a beautiful and comfortable place. We observe nature from a privileged angle. The branches are intruders that peek from the bathroom and bedroom windows. We’re one with the forest.
I write, Stefano takes pictures, we play cards and at every weird sound, we wonder what kind of wild creature is living near us. I must admit that nature intimidates me but it’s a healthy fear that fills my heart and empties my head.

Me writing in Malga Priu
Me writing in Malga Priu

How much does it cost to sleep in Malga Priu?

Sleeping in the treehouses of Malga Priu costs € 280 and includes the welcome aperitivo, dinner (grappa included), and breakfast for two. The houses have three floors. The lower one is purely panoramic, the middle floor is composed of a living room and the bathroom, the top floor is for the bedroom. Everything is set to host children as well.
Malga Priu opens in late spring and closes in late autumn but it’s better to check with the owners. The waiting list is long, but it’s worth it!

How to reach Malga Priu

You can reach the hut from the parking lot nr. 2 in Ugovizza through a forest lane that everyone can do, but it’s still better if you use waterproof trekking shoes. Travel time goes from 20 to 40 minutes according to your training.
You can take advantage of your stay at Malga Priu to have a walk in the Fusine lakes area, in Val Bartolo, in Val Rauna or, like we did, in Val Saisera from where we reached the wonderful Rifugio Pellarini, but this is another story.

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