13 Things to do in Tarvisio in Winter

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What to do in Tarvisio in Winter with children

Monte Lussari, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Have you planned a holiday in Tarvisio and are you looking for something to do to entertain your children? Do not worry in Friuli Venezia Giulia we say “cumbinin” (“we can do it”). Here is a list of 13 things to do in Tarvisio with children in winter.

I know what you are wondering.
Yes, you can do them even if you are an adult.
No, I have no children but I have studied.

Oftentimes on Instagram, I’m asked for information on activities to do with children, so I thought of a small guide that summarizes tips, links, places to eat. In short, a link that you can save as a favorite and share.

The best part? Some of these activities can also be done in summer!

Let’s start the list of what to do in Tarvisio in winter with two activities specifically made for children. Make them wear waterproof clothes and… here we go!

1. Snow Fun Area - Tarvisio

Photo Credit @ Visit Valcanale

On the Piana dell’Angelo between Camporosso and Tarvisio, there is an area dedicated to children aged 3 and up. Sleds, inflatables, moving walkways, rafts, and bobsleds on rails. In short, children do not risk getting bored.

Visit this link before organizing the trip to check the opening of the facilities, otherwise, contact the PromoTurismoFVG Infopoint in Tarvisio.

Where to eat in Camporosso

  • Bar Schuss:  On the slope next to the cableway. This place is ideal to drink something hot.
  • Dawit: on the Camporosso roundabout. It offers sweet and savory dishes. Via Alpi Giulie, 30.
  • Pasticceria Alsido: coming from Udine, the pastry shop is on the left. At the aforementioned roundabout, take the exit towards Monte Lussari and immediately turn left in Via Alpi Giulie. You will find the pastry shop is on the right.

2. Kinderalm - Valbruna

Photo Credit @ IlFriuli

The Kinderalm is located in Valbruna in Via Saisera. Inaugurated at the end of 2021, the entertainment area is spread over the former Kugy 1 slope.

The area is characterized by gentle slopes perfect for sledding and for trying on skis. There are two ski lifts and an equipment rental.
Along Via Saisera you will find large parking lots.

Where to eat in Val Saisera

  • La Baita dei Sapori: It is a restaurant also located in via Saisera. It serves typical mountain cuisine.

From here on, the list of things to do in Tarvisio in winter is also open to adults. =)

3. Cableway ascent to Monte Lussari - Tarvisio

Monte Lussari innevato

Flying over the woods from a cable car still is one of my best childhood memories. Getting to the small and characteristic village on Mount Lussari is an emotion even as an adult. With a not too difficult hike, from the arrival of the cable car, you can reach the summit cross.

If the children are older and used to walking, you can also try the climb of Pilgrim’s trail (preferably during the week).

From 07 January 2022, every Friday, the ski lifts are also open in the evening from 20 to 22.45. Also in this case you will find all the information on the PromoTurismoFVG website.

Dove mangiare sul Monte Lussari:

4. Snowshoe hike in Val Bartolo- Camporosso

baite in Val Bartolo con la neve

Val Bartolo is a valley located between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Austria. It can be reached with an easy walk in the woods that ends on a plateau dotted with pretty huts. It is perfect for children as the elevation gain is small and spread over several kilometers. If you prefer the less touristic options of all the things to do in Tarvisio in winter, Val Bartolo might please you.

The starting point is in Via della Sella in Camporosso and the hike can be modulated in 3 stages depending on how far you want to walk. After about 4 km, at the beginning of the plateau with the huts, you will find the Agriturismo La Baita di Beatrice, also open in winter, where you can eat tasty mountain dishes.

Do I need snowshoes to hike in Val Bartolo?

The Municipality of Tarvisio usually cleans the road up to the last hut on the plateau. I recommend that you take them with you anyway.

Where to eat in Val Bartolo

  • La Baita di Beatrice: it is the first hut that you come across when arriving in Val Bartolo. It serves typical Friulian cuisine.

5. Saisera Wild Track

Saisera Wild Track

The wilderness on your doorstep is found on the Saisera Wild Track.

The departure and the parking area are close to the Saisera Hütte in Valbruna. In winter this route is really easy to follow because it is well-trodden and signposted. The length depends on how long you want to walk. If it has snowed a lot, snowshoes or even better light crampons may be needed.

Where to eat in Val Saisera

  • Saisera Hütte:A small mountain hut in Val Saisera where you can stop for a coffee or a quick lunch. They serve typical mountain cuisine. Their strudel with speck is good.
  • Agriturismo Prati di Oitzinger: you will find the way to reach this farm about halfway in Val Saisera. The Saisera Wild Track passes right in front of us. They serve typcal mountain cuisine.

6. A slice of Cake at "I dolci di Irma"

Photo Credit @ I Dolci di Irma Facebook

While you’re in Valbruna, you can’t help but stop at  “I dolci di Irma”. A small patisserie in the center of the village that serves homemade cakes and pies. The restaurant is reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel’s house and part of the objects that decorate it can be purchased! You must try it.

They also have an online shop.

7. Sleddog hike - Fusine

Photo Credit @ Scuola Internazionale Mushing

When talking about Fusine, I’m sure you’ll hear of lakes (we’ll get to that) but this place has a lot more to offer.

The plain of Fusine hosts the International Mushing School where you can discover the world of Musher, sled drivers, and sled dogs. On the page linked above, you will find information and prices for a lesson/hike.

For one basic lesson:

Where to eat in Fusine

  • If you are on the plain of Fusine and you are hungry, the best thing to do is to cross the border over to Slovenia. Just after the border, you will find many Gostilna, the typical Slovenian taverns where you can eat mainly meat.
    The main dishes here are the tartare, the čevapcici (very tasty little sausages), and the lubianske (cordon bleu type). For dessert, a palačinka with jam is a must. The portions are very generous. I have tried the Gostilna pri Martinu.

8. Alpe del Lago loop trail, Fusine Lakes - Fusine

Fusine Lakes and Rifugio Zacchi, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

If you ask anyone what to do in Tarvisio, they will surely tell you to visit the Fusine Lakes.

Indeed, the Lakes are an enchanting place that has made many fall in love with the mountains (myself included). I have visited the lakes of Fusine in every season many times (my dad lives in Fusine), and in my opinion, the most beautiful hike is not the one around the lakes but the Alpe del Lago hike that develops in a ring in the woods near the lake. upper lake.

From the parking lot of the upper lake of Fusine, walk to the right towards the lake and go to the wide meadow that ends with the Alpe del Lago hut. You will easily find the trail that leads you to the hut itself. Continue along the track and you will soon find yourself among the trees of the thousand-year-old forest of Tarvisio.

The path ends on the forest road that leads to the Zacchi Refuge (ed. Currently closed). Turn left and return to the parking lot.

Where to eat near the Fusine Lakes

  • Albergo Capanna Edelweiss: Located on the shore of the Lower Lake of Fusine, it is a pretty hut where you can eat typical dishes.

9. Cross country ski near Tarvisio

Piana di Valbruna sci

If you really don’t know what to do in Tarvisio and you want to try cross-country skiing, know that in the Tarvisio area there is an abundant concentration of Nordic ski slopes.

Between Pontebba and Tarvisio there are 4 of them:

  • Plain of Valbruna
  • Val Saisera
  • Paruzzi Arena in Tarvisio
  • Val Gleris

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you try the track on the Valbruna plain which is the simplest and within everyone’s reach. It is located near the Kinderalm we mentioned above. In Via Saisera, in addition to the parking lot, there is also a ski rental point.

10. Ice-skating in Pontebba

pattinare sul ghiaccio

We drive about twenty kilometers from Tarvisio. You cannot make a list of what to do in Tarvisio in winter with children without talking about the Claudio Vuerich ice rink in Pontebba.

I started ice skating at the age of 7 right here. There was nothing more beautiful than sliding on the ice and occasionally falling down. It still remains one of my favorite winter activities.

For children, there are now also some cute penguins to facilitate the first skating. They really do invent them all.

Where to eat in Pontebba:

  • Alla Vecchia Latteria: it is located in the hamlet of Studena Bassa, a handful of km from Pontebba. It is a very famous place in the area for its tasty dishes, large portions, and excellent prices. I recommend that you book well in advance.

11. Snowshoe hike in Val Gleris - Pontebba

percorso della volpe in val gleris

Also in the Pontebba area, in Studena Alta, in Val Gleris, there are two snowshoe trails created especially for children.

The Path of the Fox and the Path of the Bear are very reminiscent of the Saisera Wild Track but are less crowded. They’re an excellent option for those who want to try snowshoes in peace.

Below, you will find the overall data of the two routes.

Dove mangiare in Val Gleris

  • Ristorante Alle Sette Picche: also called Casa del Fondo because here you can rent skis. The cuisine is Friulano-Marchigiana. If available, try the fried zucchini, and filled-olives which are highly recommended.

What to do in Tarvisio at Christmas

Before closing the article I leave you with two ideas on what to do in Tarvisio at Christmas.

12. Advent Pur - Valbruna

ATTENTION: This activity is only open during the Advent season. At the end of the event, the Valbruna plain turns into the cross-country ski track.

lanterna nella neve

It is perhaps the most characteristic activity to do in Tarvisio at Christmas. In the weeks of Advent, the plain of Valbruna (the same where cross-country skiing is done) is transformed into a Christmas-themed path.

The Advent Pur is approximately 2.5 meters long and with no elevation difference, making it perfect for children. The whole trail is illuminated by lanterns and dotted with sculptures and paintings-themed to Christmas.

At the beginning of the route, it is possible to rent lanterns and sleds. I leave below the link to refer to for updated dates and prices.

Before you ask me, Yes, they serve Mulled Wine.

13. Gita in carrozza trainata da Cavalli ai Prati di Oitzinger - Val Saisera

Photo Credit @ Tripadvisor

Prati di Oitzinger, in addition to being a restaurant, is also a riding school that organizes horse rides, summer, and winter.

At the moment the service is not available but I leave the contacts anyway because it could start again soon.

Elena Feresin


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