Happiness is saying “There’s no place I’d rather be”​

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How I created The Writer's Mountain Hut

Happiness is saying "There's no place I'd rather be"

Ferragosto a malga pozof

Days passed fast in the Malga and if I think about those days, I recall two highlights.

When I milked a cow

The weather was terrible on that day and we did not host many guests. Michele offered me the opportunity to go with him, his dad, and the other men to milk the cows. It seemed like an easy task, but before milking the cows we also needed to gather them.

Mucca al Pascolo, Monte Zoncolan

Three months earlier I run in stilettos in one of my company’s flagship stores for the launch of the new collection. I was giving instructions to the catering, to the social media agency, and drinking Prosecco.  Yet, there I was, running on Monte Zoncolan, patting cows’ ass to force them near the milking station. 
I can guarantee that cows can be quite stubborn animals. Especially when it rains, and everyone wants to complete the job as soon as possible to warm up around the stove.

If I’m being honest, the only thing I remember about the events I attended in Milan is stress, which obscured everything else. 

On the other hand, I remember the ugly jumpsuit I was wearing while gathering the cows. I remember the rain on my face. I remember trying to milk the cows with my bare hands. I remember the milk’s steam levitating from the milk tank. I remember feeling free and happy

Carnia’s traditional dress

The second highlight coincides with my transformation. As in the most classic of fairy tales, on the occasion of August 15th, I was given a traditional Carnic costume. I no longer looked like the town and looking at me through the mirror was a new Elena.

Selfie in malga

Going home

On my way home I cried twice. The first tears run down my face after leaving Malga Pozof and Mount Zoncolan. As I descended, I felt all the problems and bad thoughts coming back. The other tears arrived when exited the motorway in Udine. I was still happy to return home.

In September I went to Milan to teach my job to the new employees.  While in my hotel room, I kept looking back at the photos and videos I had made while at Malga Pozof. I felt nostalgia and was never surer about my decision.

The story ends with another beginning

I was never unemployed. I found another job in marketing and I now work for one of the best companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia (if not the world). In December 2018 I also met Stefano with whom I share a passion for mountains. Every year we spend some days in an isolated hut, with no electricity and especially no phone connection.
It’s the best way we know to reconnect with ourselves and to be reminded that there’s more to life than expensive appliances.

And then this blog was born

I hope this blog becomes an important tool in the promotion of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Why? Because I chose this region when common Sense told me to go away. I chose this region because I’m in love with its beautiful landscapes. I also think it’s perfect for those who want to reconnect with nature because it’s still easy to find barely untouched places. If you distance yourself enough from popular routes.

Formaggi a malga pozof

I also opened this blog because I believe in the healing power of a simple life in nature. It’s something I experienced first-hand. The problems that everyone faces in cities are real, but oftentimes they are man-made. Just like skyscrapers. I’ve come to think that the bigger the city, the bigger the problems and that’s why I chose small. 

I think that the world would be much better if we all were mountaineers and readers. Not because I am one. If you face mountains in a certain way, but nature and respect are at the top of your value system, you’re bound to be a better person. 

I’m just a drop in the ocean but if with my words I can persuade one person to rethink her or his life my mission is complete. If I can convince someone that spending time in nature is better than buying unnecessary stuff at the mall, my mission is accomplished. If I can convince one person to read more, my mission is accomplished.

I’m not a guru, but I think that everyone deserves the right to be happy. Unfortunately, happiness is not where marketing and brands tell you. Trust me, it was my job to sell people happiness and dreams. 

Happiness is where your soul meets the environment. Happiness is saying, “There’s no place I’d rather be”.

Ferragosto a malga Pozof

The story continues

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Malga Pozof

City-girl turns cowgirl, literally

Can a city girl benefit from living in a mountain hut? Between newborn calves and a community gathered around the stove, this was my experience at Malga Pozof.

Elena Feresin


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