Snowshoeing in Val Bartolo

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Val Bartolo: the perfect beginner-proof winter hike in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Val Bartolo is a beautiful valley located in Camporosso (Tarvisio) dotted with pretty huts. The road that crosses it, which runs parallel to the Bartolo stream, is long (15km return) but has a minimal difference in altitude.

For this reason, Val Bartolo is a good destination all year round (especially on the last weekends of August, I’ll explain why later).

If I had to pick a season to visit Val Bartolo, however, I’d probably choose winter as long as there is snow. Just a splash is enough to make it magical – I mean, the pics need no explanations.

Due to its shape and limited height difference, the hike in Val Bartolo is particularly suitable for those who want to try using snowshoes or for those looking for a simple walk in the snow to make the children have fun.

Continue reading to discover all the details of this easy snowshoe hike in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

From Udine, drive towards Tarvisio on the A23 motorway until the relevant motorway exit.

Continuing towards Tarvisio, immediately after the Eurospar supermarket (coming from Udine you will find it on the left), you will arrive at a roundabout. Take the third exit and enter Camporosso from Via Genziana, then turn right onto Via della Sella.

After a few hundred meters you will find signs for Val Bartolo.

The hike in Val Bartolo does not have a dedicated car park but you may find a place along Via della Sella.

In summer, it is also possible to reach the valley by car, leaving it in the parking lot of the “La Baita di Beatrice” restaurant.

Hike recap​ & GPS track

The directions below refer to the walk that runs through Val Bartolo in its entirety, from Camporosso to the Austrian border.

As I will explain below, you can modulate the hike according to your abilities.

Download file: Val_Bartolo.gpx

The hike at a glance

Explaining the hike in Val Bartolo is very simple as the route develops linearly.

It starts in Camporosso, follows the road, reaches the end of the valley, and goes back. Simple, direct, without frills, diversions, or dangers.

For ease of explanation, I like to divide the walk-in Val Bartolo into three stages:

  1. From Camporosso (Tarvisio) to Agriturismo La Baita di Beatrice
  2. From restaurant La Baita di Beatrice to the end of the plateau (where the huts end)
  3. From the end of the plateau to the Austrian border

From Camporosso to La Baita di Beatrice Restaurant

When leaving Camporosso you will immediately find the Bartolo Stream to welcome you. Its voice, disguised by the snow, will guide you to the restaurant La Baita di Beatrice.

This first stretch is approximately 4km long with an elevation gain of 250 meters.

The route consists entirely of a wide forest road that can also be traveled by car.
If you do the hike in Val Bartolo in winter, it is likely that in this first section, you will not need snowshoes as it is cleaned by the municipality of Tarvisio.

The ease of this hike does not affect the beauty of the landscape. In this first stretch, the valley is squeezed between the sides of Monte Nero and Monte Acomizza.

Along the road, there is also a climbing area and the entrance to a few WW1 bunkers. However, if it has snowed it will be difficult to notice them as your eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of thisFriulian Arendelle.

From La Baita di Beatrice to the end of the plateau where the huts end​

From “La Baita di Beatrice” the valley opens up and uncovers its beautiful meadows where huts are located. From here on, you will also find the snow expanses you were waiting for.

La Baita di Beatrice is an excellent point of arrival where you can eat well. If you no longer want to walk, you can make it the destination of your hike and settle for playing in the snow around the hut.

If you want to continue on the other hand, be aware that reaching the end of the valley adds about 2km and 100 meters of elevation gain.

In case of snow, if the municipality of Tarvisio has not yet cleaned the road (the snowplow cleans up to the edge of the plateau) it is time to put the snowshoes on because this is where the real snowshoeing in Val Bartolo begins.

Cabins dot the diamond-white fields and I daydream about the day I own one. It is almost impossible to imagine that most of the cabins were once frugal barns.

From the end of the plateau to the Austrian border​

Once you reach the end of the valley the road continues until the border with Austria.
The climb only adds 50 meters of elevation gain, but it is the steepest of the entire walk. Also, you may have to open the track in the snow from here on out.

Val Bartolo also ends with the yellow signs indicating the arrival in Austria and the last (beautiful) hut. To return to Camporosso follow the same route as the outward journey.

Val Bartolo: the ideal family hike

Val Bartolo is certainly one of the most popular family hikes in Friuli.

Despite it being an easy hike, there is never an excessive crowd and you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that hovers around the huts, some of which are nice.

It is a good starting point for snowshoeing because the difference in altitude is minimal. Furthermore, the Municipality of Tarvisio cleans the road up to the last hut. This means that it is almost always possible to visit it without too much technical equipment except good mountain shoes.
The ease of the route makes it feasible even with trekking strollers.

Baite Aperte in Val Bartolo: the best of Friuli Venezia Giulia gastronomy in a valley

During the last weekends of August, Val Bartolo becomes the “place to be” of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The huts transform into refreshment points where it is possible to eat tasty delicacies. The valley is filled with laughter, chatter, and music. The event is now well established and it attracts many people (there may be parking problems).

Are you hungry after the snowshoe in Val Bartolo?

If you have read the FOOD section of the site, you will have understood that I like to eat. Here are a couple of tips on where to eat in Tarvisio after snowshoeing in Val Bartolo.

  • Dawit Haus: it is located right on the roundabout that we crossed when arriving in Camporosso. They mostly serve sweets but also make DELICIOUS sandwiches! They also sell objects, food, and wines.
  • I Dolci di Irma: located in the center of Valbruna, on the way home. As the name suggests, it sells homemade desserts. Here you will also find objects from a typical mountain hut.

Do you want more tips on where to hike in Friuli Venezia Giulia?

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